Latest UK trades/markets

Falling markets, remember them? You must do. The days when you can't find a buyer for love nor money. The grass is growing, the sun is shining, livestock numbers are falling and you can't give stuff away. Also known as this summer, coming soon to a compound mill near you!

The rapemeal market continues to ease. Erith quotes today: Straight May 167, May/Jul £165, Aug/Oct £149 and Nov08/Apr09 at £156.

Wheatfeed pellets are also drifting lower on lack of buying interest as the wheat market is suddenly not as tight as many had expected. South East mills offered at £129 for straight May on it's own and Jun/Sep quoted at £126, and Oct08/Apr09 quoted at £130. May/Sep delivered into Cheshire/Staffs area quoted at £139, could probably do Oct08/Apr09 at the same money.

Spot Liverpool soya hulls traded earlier in the week at £140, with a possibility of finding straight May at the price. Oct08/Apr09 last traded at £144.

Spot Avon maize distillers grains available on resale £POA.

Spot/May Liverpool PKs have been trading at £136, and spot Liverpool citrus pellets reported done £147 this week.