Latest UK trades/markets

Rapemeal remains interesting with some huge price differences around depending on exactly when material is available. Spot fixings out of Liverpool for collection today made £199 yesterday, yet D/o 1st May product has been done some £20/tonne below that, and D/o 5th May offered at £172.

Erith quotes today: 1st/2nd May fixings £172 traded; May unfixed 170; May/Jul £165; Aug/Oct £149; and Nov08/Apr09 at £155.

Wheatfeed pellets are also drifting lower on lack of buying interest as cheap wheat and barley offers suddenly appear on the domestic market. May/Sep ex Wellingborough/Corby traded Friday at £124.50. Sellers also looking for interest Oct08/Apr09 with £139 deld offered basis Staffs/Cheshire areas & £145 basis Cumbria. Spot 6mm pellets traded ex Liverpool yesterday £138.

Spot Liverpool soya hulls traded last week at £140, and Oct08/Apr09 traded at £144.

Looking for spot maize distillers grains on resale Liverpool or Avon if anybody has any to sell.

Spot/May Liverpool PKs have been trading recently at £136, and spot Liverpool citrus pellets reported done £147 end of last week.

Also got resale May/Jul Humber Braz maize £POA.