Its not just us- Australian's baulk at A$2/litre fuel

Fuel prices in a Queensland outback town have soared to more than $2 a litre, hurting heavy transport operators.

Diesel fuel was priced at $2.02 a litre at the petrol station in the north-west Queensland town of Bedourie.

Unleaded fuel was selling for $1.96 a litre - 59c more than the cheapest fuel in Brisbane today.

Diamantina Shire mayor Robbie Dare and petrol station operator said fuel prices were at record levels.

"It's the highest (petrol prices) I have seen," Mr Dare said, who has been running the town's only roadhouse for the past 20 years.

"Road contractors and cattle carters are the hardest hit.

Nogger-A$2 in the outback is 97p/litre. The Brisbane price quoted of A$1.37 is 67p/litre. And they think they've got it tough then eh?