US Midwest Weather Outlook

(Freese Notis) -- In a year that has featured its fair share of exciting weather for the Nation's midsection (whether it be heavy snow, ice storms, and cold weather lat winter, or severe weather and flooding in more recent weeks), upcoming weather actually looks fairly "unexciting" most of the time for that same area. The weather pattern coming up does not look excessively warm nor excessively cool; it does not look excessively wet nor excessively dry.

There will be rains scattered around the Corn Belt on every day during this work- week period, though the best rains and the best coverage will hold off until the end of the week when a fairly strong cold front enters the region. Especially areas east of Interstate 35 will see the best rains with that system, which probably total mostly on the order of 0.50 to 1.00 inches and locally heavier.

Eastern parts of the Corn Belt will probably be favored for whatever rain falls next week as well. Growing areas of the Delta and Southeast may not do all that well on rainfall over the next five to six days, but there are signs that those areas (but especially the Southeast) could evolve into a welcome wet weather pattern for the very end of this month and into the opening days of July.

It is not a totally dry weather pattern for the Plains winter wheat belt, but a widespread soaking rain is not forecast so look for there to be some fairly good progress made this week with regards to the winter wheat harvest. Spring wheat areas of the Northern Plains will see rains favoring the eastern half of that region over the next week.

Today and tomorrow are fairly cool in the Corn Belt, and temperatures next weekend look no better than normal. Conditions will be on the warm side of normal on other days, and that is particularly the case for the far western/northwestern Corn Belt and Northern Plains (Wednesday/Thursday of this week and Sunday/Monday of next week look quite warm in that area).