"Very Demanding" India Blocking WTO Talks In Geneva - Sources

GENEVA (AFP)--Several diplomatic sources blamed India Friday for a deadlock here in World Trade Organization talks which are facing collapse unless a breakthrough can be found.

"India has come back with a very hard position," said a diplomat, who asked not to be named but who has been taking part in talks between the U.S., the European Union, Japan, India, Brazil, Australia and China.

The source said Indian Trade Minister Kamal Nath had been "very demanding" in his opposition to opening up India's internal markets for farm and industrial products. Another diplomatic source said an agreement "depends today mainly onIndia" and a third source close to the European delegation underlined this.

"Nothing has changed really. The big question today is India," said the third source. "We are worried about the political willingness of India to negotiate."

Beginning a fifth day of meetings Friday, diplomats and negotiators said it would be make-or-break at the end of grueling week of bargaining at the WTO which has produced scant evidence of progress.