Trader Shoots Himself On Exchange Floor

From the TimesOnline:

Trading on the São Paulo commodities and futures exchange was uneventful on Monday compared with the violent market swings of recent months.

But all that changed when a trader in one of the open outcry pits attempted to commit suicide on the exchange floor.

As the day drew to a close in Latin America's biggest financial market, Paulo Sérgio Silva, a 36-year-old interest rates futures trader with Itaú, Brazil's biggest bank, pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the chest, causing panic and scattering colleagues.

According to colleagues, Mr Silva suffered from depression for which he had recently taken time off work. He was given first aid at the scene before being rushed to a nearby hospital where he was operated on immediately. He remains in a serious state in an intensive care unit.

Reminds me of the story of the man who had the ice cream van on the prom at Otterspool being found dead splattered in whipped cream, nuts, strawberry sauce and hundreds and thousdands. Police reckon he topped himself.