World Crop Weather

In Europe, locally heavy rain has persisted in the past week across England, France and Italy, providing additional topsoil moisture for emerging winter wheat and rapeseed crops while slowing late summer crop harvesting, according to USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility. Dry weather, meanwhile, dominates the Balkans region, promoting winter wheat planting and emergence.

In the FSU, winter grains are easing into winter dormancy across northern regions of Russia, and dry weather continues to be the rule in Ukraine and southern Russia, helping with late-season summer crop harvesting.

In East Asia, seasonably dry weather is easing wetness for winter rapeseed in the Yangtze River Basin while light showers are providing favourable moisture for winter wheat on the North China Plain.

In Southeast Asia, Tropical Cyclone Noul brought heavy showers to the Central Highlands of Vietnam in the last week, slowing coffee harvesting. Seasonably dry weather, meanwhile, aids rice and corn harvesting in Thailand, and showers in Indonesia are favouring the developing rice crop.

In South Asia, Tropical Cyclone Khai-Muk is hampering summer crop harvesting in southeastern India.

In the Middle East, generally sunny skies are promoting development of winter crops.

In Australia, mostly dry weather domiantes the wheat belt, favouring maturation and harvest efforts. Sunny weather in eastern Australia is benefiting crops in the germination and emergence phase.

In South America, seasonal rains improved planting prospects for soybeans and other summer crops throughout central and northeastern Brazil while warm and dry weather persists in Argentina’s eastern and southern summer grain and oilseed areas, reducing moisture for emerging corn, sunflowers and soybeans.