Supermarket Waste To Be Turned Into Petfood And Animal Feed

Waste food from a supermarket chain is to be turned into pet food in a unique environmental move. Sainsbury's stores in Northern Ireland are the first in the UK to stop food waste going to landfill. From this week waste, amounting to more than 1,200 tonnes a year, will be diverted from landfill and shipped across the border to the Irish Republic where it will be turned into pet food, animal feed and other materials. It is the first step in a commitment made by the 800-strong supermarket chain last month to end the use of landfill sites.

The company aims to have no food waste going to landfill by next spring, and no waste of any kind ending up in landfill by the end of 2009. Lawrence Christensen, head of Sainsbury's environmental action team said, "We are absolutely delighted that from today we can say that Northern Ireland is no longer sending food waste to landfill. This is the first step in our mission to end our use of landfill sites and to ensure that Sainsbury's remains the most environmentally responsible retailer in the UK."

Brilliant idea! Why haven't they done this sort of thing before?

Oh, that's right they have haven't they, thats why 1,400 Oirish people are out of work and 100,000 pigs are about to be slaughtered.