Ukraine Grain Exports Slowing

The Ukrainian Grain Association forecasts a decrease in grain exports from Ukraine in December of 17% compared to the previous month – to 1.5 mln tonnes, declared Vladimir Klimenko, the president of the Association.

Ukraine grain exports have slowed quite rapidly from 2.8 mln tonnes in September, to 2.2 mln tonne is October, to 1.8 mln tonnes in November, and now 1.5 mln tonnes expected in December.

The decrease in export volumes was caused by fall of grain prices on the world market, said Klimenko. Ukrainian grain exports for the marketing year to date (July/Dec08) will total nearly 12 mln tonnes, he added, and will reach 23 mln tonnes for the entire 2008/09 marketing year.

That may be a tall order at this rapid drop in pace, especially given that Egypt has recently said it won't be taking any more Ukraine wheat this season due to quality issues.

They did however pick up a 55,000mt feed wheat order overnight from South Korea at $127.60 C&F (GBP86.20).