Noble Foods To Establish New Free-Range Egg Brand

Noble Foods has said it will spend GBP1-2 million in a spring TV advertising campaign in a bid to help establish a new free-range national egg brand, reports the Farmers' Weekly.

Farmers will have to wait a few years however for the anticipated 15% price premium to filter down to producer level.

Likening the development to the establishment of the Cathedral City cheese brand, Noble's CEO Peter Thornton told members of the Midlands Free Range Discussion Group that "it's not something that pays back immediately."

Emphasising the mutual benefits, Mr Thornton said: "We're always going to have the cut and thrust of pricing negotiations with customers, but if we can take a big part of the egg market like that it can only benefit us all."

I wonder if they've considered putting a worthless plastic toy inside each egg yet and calling it a Kindred Egg? The kids would love it.