Nigerians Scammed By US Banks

Thousands of Nigerian nationals are getting their inboxes flooded with scam emails purporting to be from US banks.

One such email that has been forwarded to Nogger in strictest confidence that I do not reveal the recipient's name, comes from Mr Edward Umbongo, reads as follows:

My dear Nigerian friend, I am writing to you as a last resort for I have been the victim of some bad news.

Recently I have come into some huge monies from my rich Uncle Sam. How is this bad news you ask? Because, in order to receive this huge amount of monies I must make huge sub-prime loans to people such as yourselves who have little or no chance of paying the loan back in full. Please, if you could find it in your heart to foward the amount of 5,000 dollars Nigerian to my bank in New York City, America, which I call AIG, I would be most grateful for we could then begin the loan process.

I would not ask this of you, my dearest friend whom I have never met if I did not trust you implicitly.

This arrangement will also guarantee you a large portion of this huge amount of monies. However I must ask that you make every effort to show your good faithfulness. It is not my doing but that of my wicked Uncle. He will not loan me the monies to loan you if I do not.

Sincerely, Peter O'Sullivan,