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Last week was dry from California to New Jersey and in the Dakotas, says Allen Motew of QT Weather:

Last week was also warmer than normal Nevada to Maine with the warmest in South Dakota and Nebraska at 9-15 degrees above normal. The rest of the Corn Belt and Plains saw 3-12 degrees above. The South and Southeast were wetter and cooler than normal, he adds:

There is a wind of change coming however in the week ahead, here's the five day precipitation map. Heaviest accumulation in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. Other favoured regions will be E Oklahoma, E Kansas, E Texas, and W Illinois.

Flooding will hit the Northern Plains, cold weather will slow the wheat crop in the central Plains and additional flooding will hit parts of the Corn Belt. The Delta South and Southeast will see some beneficial moisture: