EU Pig Numbers Falling

The total number of pigs slaughtered in 2009 will be about 250 million, 2% down on 2008, a European Commission report has indicated. Numbers are falling due to last year’s high feed prices and the financial crisis, the report says.

The figures have been based on numbers submitted by each individual country at the beginning of this year, although not all countries have submitted their data yet, the indications are that numbers are down, according to the report.

In Germany, the number of slaughterings is expected to decrease by 1.8% to 53.8 million, followed by Spain (-2.1% to 40.4 million), France (-2.9% to 24.9 million), Denmark (-0.6% to 20.6 million) and the Netherlands (-0.5% to 14.4 million).

Most production losses can be found in Eastern Europe. In 2009, Czech slaughterings will be only slightly over 3 million, a 19.7% decrease.