Argentine Farm Leader Puts His Foot In It

Just days before the Argentine mid-term elections, Argy farmer leader Alfredo De Angeli, head of the Small Farmers' Association in Entre Ríós, has well & truly put his foot right in his mouth by publicly suggesting that farm owners should "put their employees on a pick-up truck and tell them for whom to vote for."

Other farm leaders have been quick to round on De Angeli, saying his comments were "unfortunate" and "inappropriate".

The head of the FAA Argentine Small Farmers Association, Eduardo Buzzi, went a few stages further than that saying that De Angeli "has a little problem of excessive prominence" and recommended he should go to see a psychologist.

Being asked to retract his comments, De Angeli said that he had encouraged farm owners to take their employees to polling stations only because in many cases they "lacked any transport means" and that he meant farmers "who not to vote".

Not surprisingly, the government have been quick to seize upon De Angeli's remarks as "a model where farm workers aren't treated as citizens."

Peronist Victory Front Deputy, José María Bancalari, said that De Angeli's comments reminded him of the time "land owners, in 1946, seized their employees' documents and decided who they would vote for," so that Juan Domingo Perón wouldn't win the elections.