Argy Strike Over - For Now

The Argy farmers strike is over for the time being, although the gloves seem very much still in the off position.

It's not been running quite as long as The Mousetrap, but it's getting there.

Eduardo Buzzi, head of the Small Farmers Association FAA, says that the farmers will "keep fighting" whilst the head of Coninagro, Carlos Garetto, said Argentina would be a better country if the officials of the government "opened their eyes a little more, and keep their mouths shut". Not something that politicians are famed for.

The Argentine Rural Confederations Association meanwhile accuse the government of "lacking interest to solve the problems of the farming sector" and blasted the recent presidential veto on a law granting export duties exemptions for farmers worst affected by the drought.

Ariel Franetovich, newly appointed to the poisoned chalice post of minister of agricultural affairs of Buenos Aires province, said that he did not "have any animosity against farmers".

They don't believe him. Franetovich last met with farming organizations in his province in April, when he reportedly said he would not publicly support their demands.