Russian Harvest Just About Done

The Russian harvest is just about over with 91% of planted area now cut, according to the Ag Ministry. Although they don't specifically say so, I assume that any grain still left to be brought in will be corn.

As at Oct 20th this season's grain harvest has amounted to 98.8 MMT in bunker weight, compared to 112.2 MMT in bunker weight at the same time last season.

The wheat harvest comes in at 62.0 MMT, they say (65.9 MMT in 2008), that gives us a clean weight of around 60.0 MMT, down 5.8% on last season's 63.7 MMT.

This season's barley production is said to be 18.5 MMT in bunker weight (24.0 MMT in 2008), giving a clean weight harvest of around 17.8 MMT (down 23% on last season's 23.1 MMT).