US Soybean Weather/Crop Progress Latest

As I've just done with corn, now let's have a look at the top five US soybean producing states.

The same top five corn producers are also the top five soybean growers too.

Iowa is also the biggest bean state with an anticipated 15.2% of the national crop this year. After that comes Illinois with 12.6%, then Minnesota with 8.7%, Nebraska at 7.6% and finally Indiana with 7.1%. These states combined therefore account for just over half (51.2%) of national output.

Harvesting was just 37% done in Iowa, against 85% normally, as at Sunday 18th. Things were even worse in Illinois at 13% complete compared to 79% on average. Elsewhere we had Minnesota at 34% (83%), Nebraska at 55% (75%) and Indiana at 27% (72%).

As with corn, we can pick out Illinois and Indiana as being the two states with the biggest problems. They've had plenty of rain in the past week, and there's another good dose in the forecast through to Thursday this week.

These two states are also the furthest behind with winter wheat plantings: Illinois 13% complete compared with 67% normally and Indiana 22% done (69% on average).

Trade talk for tonight's USDA crop progress report is that nationally the soybean crop will be 40-50% harvested, from 30% done last Sunday.