Some Like It Hot

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The first little signs of a slight problem for soybean production in South America are just starting to filter through. They love a good drought in Argentina, as we all know. If they aren't handling the ball into the net, or walking around the streets of Buenos Aires banging pots and pans, or setting fire to a pile of tyres in a roadblock then drought is what they do best.

Extremely hot weather began yesterday in the Argentina grain belt, increasing stress on developing corn and soybeans, says Gail. The heat wave will last for at least a week. Afternoon highs will be in the mid 90s F most days but could rise above 100 F Monday and Tuesday next week. High humidity will keep nights unseasonably warm in the 70s F, very negative for crop development, she adds.

Scattered showers, some heavy, will occur in Buenos Aires along an unstable weather front this weekend but Santa Fe and Cordoba will miss out on the best rainfall, warns Gail. Stored ground moisture will support crop growth for a while, but field moisture will decrease with intense heat and insufficient rain, she concludes.

It's a long way from being a crop pillager just yet, but a situation that certainly wants keeping an eye on.