Three Cheers For Dalmark!

My chums at Dalmark Grain rather rashly offered to buy me a beer for every hit that the blog directed to their excellent Grain Portal website.

Well, it's bound to be excellent seeing as it's powered by Noggerpower isn't it? The thing is I've never ever got around to having a look at how my beer fund is progressing. I kind of thought I'd save it up for a rainy day so to speak.

Well lads, it looks like it's tipping it down, only it's not rain that appears to be falling. Lets have a closer look, we appear to be having not so much as a golden shower (oh err missus) as a golden torrent.

Think Boscastle, but with lager.

A verbal contract is enforceable by law isn't it?

The hidden power of advertising on Nogger's Blog. I might have to start putting my rates up. I may also start having to get up before I go to bed in order to sup sixty five pints a day. Yes, A DAY. And that's only counting up to three o'clock this afternoon!