USDA Weekly Export Sales

04/11/10 -- USDA Weekly Export Sales for the period October 22-28, 2010:

1,586,200 MT
1.0-1.5 MMT
609,600 MT
400-600,000 MT
461,600 MT
450-650,000 MT

Strong sales again for soybeans, although they couldn't quite manage to reach the 2 MMT mark as they have for the past two weeks. As ever China was the biggest home booking 927,100 MT, including 102,500 MT switched from unknown destinations.

Corn sales were again a bit flat and towards the bottom end of expectations. Yet again there were none of the alleged Chinese sales.

Wheat sales were in line with expectations and included 44,000 MT for delivery in 2011/12 for the Philippines.

Soybean shipments were 1,965,600 MT, those for corn 880,300 MT and wheat 429,500 MT.