I Haven't Gone On Strike

20/01/11 -- If you are somewhat mystified and perturbed by my lack of blogging then blame this bearded hippy O level deficient bell end.

Yes Sir Richy B has let me down yet again. His customer service department, not very strangely, appear not to be located in this country. Yet another example of a household name syphoning off British jobs and British services to somewhere where it seems that they hope that the lack of command of the Queens English will eventually lead you to simply go away and put up with it.

"My name is #mutters something incomprehensible - possibly Bhuna McMumbai# We are velly solly Sir, we hope to have your service back up again by the 25th of January, is there anything else I can help you with?"

I HATE YOU RICHARD BRANSON. So much so that I will never eat your pickle or watch Deal or no Deal again. And the next time I need a hot air balloon to get somewhere fast you can go and whistle too. In the unlikely even that I require a virgin in the near future then you've lost that order as well. If there are any Sky reps reading this then I suggest that you get yourselves round to my neck of the woods pronto as there could be some willing takers round here.