World Crop Weather Highlights

09/02/11 -- World agri-weather highlights from the excellent Martell Crop Projections:

  • Kansas snowstorm produced 0.30 inch of beneficial precipitation, much more required to eliminate drought; storm petered out in south Oklahoma and Texas wheat areas; sub-zero temps last night again HRW wheat

  • Rainy yesterday in Brazil's 3 top soybean states, excellent showers Mato Grosso; crop potential improving; extreme heat has vanished highs mostly 80s F yesterday; Parana forecast very wet

  • Showers still lingering in Argentina northern soy area; cool temps prevailed, highs mid 70s F; very good growing conditions, adequate field moisture; dry forecast next week for a change

  • Balmy temps in Europe yesterday, France, Spain especially warm, above 60 F; dry conditions a growing concern central France, Spain, north Italy, Balkans; wet forecast for northern Europe

  • Australia warmth returning, highs 80's F Tuesday New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia; trying to rain in Western Australia, hit or miss showers yesterday; good weather overall

  • No meaningful rain North China Plain, spotty showers here and there, Anhui, Shandong, Henan; drought a serious concern winter wheat; temperatures warming up, slow growth beginning; very wet South China 3-4 inch rains

  • India dry and unusually hot; winter rapeseed suffering moisture stress Madyha Pradesh, Rajastan; sctd showers expected in northwest India, Punjab and Haryana, wheat needs rain, growing conditions too hot

  • Wintry weather continues in Volga, Black Earth wheat areas; crop dormant under protective snow; Black Sea wheat expected more beneficial rain; prospects improving with better precipitation in the past 3 weeks