Easter Eggs Limit Up

22/03/11 -- Easter egg prices are through the roof this year according to the Daily Wail, with the cost of a Galaxy Minstrels Egg up by 140%, they say.

Political unrest in the Ivory Coast is one of the reasons, they add.

How come we bought a KitKat one the other day for a pound then? I went into the local Costcutter and said "I'll have one of those Easter Eggs please."

And the girl behind the counter says "Certainly, which one would you like?"

I said "Oh, now, there's so many of them isn't there...erm, I think I'll go for the KitKat Chunky."

So she passes me a KitKat Chunky one, and I said "No, I just wanted an ordinary KitKat one, lard arse."