Sunday Rain

19/06/11 -- Back from a very soggy Sunday morning walk round the local pinewoods with the dog. That's right, no happy Father's Day Sunday morning lie-in for me. MrsN#3 is off for well-deserved girlie pampering day/night at a swanky health spa not too far from here, whilst I stay at home snarling at the unruly spawn of Satan that she's left behind, as well feeding the dog/guinea pig/hamsters etc.

So, where was I, ah yes it's rained heavily overnight here and again through until about 11am Sunday morning. So much so that as I was paddling my way through the pinewoods this morning I was wondering how long it will be before we get the first "traders are concerned that heavy rains across the UK, France and Germany may be starting to damage crop potential" reports filtering through?

Frank Whinge who farms 10,000 acres of prime arable land in Suffolk says "I lost half my crop to the drought in the spring, now I reckon I've lost the other half to this blim, bloomin, blimmin rain so I have. It's a good job I only planted that there bloomin five acre bottom field with wheat and decided to keep the other 9,995 in set aside or I'd be chuffin kickin myself so I would. Do you like my dog? Subsidy we call him, he's a lovely boy aren't you Subsidy. Look watch this, fetch....there you go, you throw him a stick and he brings back a cheque every time. Fetch....I could play this all day I could."