Argies, Huh Good God, What Are They Good For?

30/11/11 -- As well as deliberately handling the ball in the penalty area, petulantly refusing to come on as a substitute and eating guinea pigs what else are the Argies famous for? Strikes, yes go on then I'll grant you that one. Anything else?

Well, they can grow a decent crop when they turn their minds to it, and when Mother Nature co-operates. They appear to be planning on doing the former and hoping for the assistance of the latter this year.

The Ministry are forecasting a bumper 52-53 MMT soybean crop in 2011/12, second only to production in 2009/10.

In addition to that they say that corn output next year will come in at a whopping 30 MMT, an increase of a third on 2010/11 and the highest in history by a considerable margin.

They've also upped their wheat production estimate for 2011/12 from 12 MMT to 13.5 MMT, saying that old crop exports will now total 11.1 MMT, far higher than the USDA's 7.7 MMT estimate.

The Ministry then went on to say that they didn't refuse to come on in the second half, they just couldn't understand what the manager was saying and it's not their fault that their family is so far away, and think of the children and they don't want a transfer, they want to be with their family, who live far away, and they miss their family, so they do want a transfer, but not for any reason other than their family, which is very far away, we are good honorable Ministry, we love our family, we die for our family, we very very sad to not have family here on substitutes bench with us so we must go home to family even though it breaks our hearts. And they think that they've left the kettle on by mistake, so must go now, cannot wait until January. Let go of my leg, oh family, you tear my heart out with rusty scalpel, just please let me go to family. Sob. Look, I try to cut my head off for family once before see here gringo.