USDA - Happy To Help

20/09/12 -- The USDA have announced that as from January they will be issuing their major crop reports at 11am Chicago time, as opposed to the current 7.30 am.

You will recall the hoo-ha when CME Group altered the trading times for the electronic market, and the subsequent little climb down to allow the open outcry session to open early on the days of a major USDA crop report.

The new move from the USDA means that both markets will be open during their normal trading hours when things like the monthly WASDE and quarterly stocks reports come out. More volatility there then.

This also means that these major USDA reports will now come out at 5pm London time, or even later in the evening of course of you're on the Continent. Thanks for that the USDA. I think that the dog might have a present for you...