Here We Go Again

08/04/13 -- There's some new trading hours to get used to again from our old time tinkering chums the CME. As from today, and for how long it is anybody's guess judging on recent performances, there are some new trading times for the overnight electronic market. The tossers.

Here they are in BST: Overnight electronic session opens 1am and trades through to 13.45pm. Then it has a little power nap for three quarters of an hour. It and the main daytime open outcry CBOT session then also trade between 2.30pm to 7.15pm. The market then goes to the pub, gets completely slaughtered at the stress of being so badly buggered about, wakes up in a seedy motel room next to an unconvincing transvestite called "Gina" with a kebab stuck to the side of it's head, has a quick shower and stumbles back into work at 2am reeking of Jack Daniels and does it all over again.