Ukraine Latest And Essex Girls

05/07/13 -- APK Inform Agency estimate grain production in Ukraine this year at 54.1 MMT, a 17% increase on last season. That total includes 23.9 MMT of corn, 20.5 MMT of wheat and 7.1 MMT of barley. These numbers are pretty close to Agritel's recent estimates of 24.9 MMT, 20.5 MMT and 7.4 MMT respectively. The USDA currently come in unfashionably low for them on wheat at 19.5 MMT, with their corn estimate at 26.0 MMT and barley at 7.0 MMT.

For exports, APK Inform go 29.2 MMT in all grains, a 26% hike on 2012/13. That includes corn exports rising 26% to 17.0 MMT (the USDA say 16.5 MMT), with wheat exports up 35% to 9.2 MMT (versus 8.0 MMT from the USDA) and barley exports up 19% to 2.5 MMT (compared to the 2.0 MMT forecast by the USDA).

No doubt much of that will be crammed into the front end of 2013/14 at whatever price they can get. Ukraine are a bit like Essex girls it would seem. Except not quite as orange. Mrs N#1 was from Essex you know, she once said to me down at the beach one day "hey, I read in the paper the other day that a hairy back is a sign of virility." I said "yeah, on men it probably is darling."