All Change!

28/08/13 -- It's a weather market that we're in, and they can be more fickle than I want away, I love this club, plastic Manc Wayne Rooney. The latest forecast indicates a cooler and wetter outlook for the Midwest than what was predicted yesterday, and so we go lower.

"Midwest showers are in the forecast due to a sudden westward shift of high pressure into the Rocky Mountains in the new outlook.

"The large ridge of high pressure that has occupied the US heartland is predicted to move westward, opening the door for showers in the Midwest. At least .75 inch of rainfall is now expected in the northern and eastern Midwest along with sharp cooling next week. The normal weekly rainfall for late August is .80 inch.

"The GFS model previously indicated a slow westward drift of high pressure, not the sudden retrogression now indicated.

"Cool dry Canadian air would overspread the Midwest on Monday, dropping temperatures by 10 F . Mason City, Iowa, is expecting a high of 90 F Saturday, but 79 F on Monday, Labor Day. A couple more surges of cool, dry Canadian air are predicted in the Midwest next week," say Martell Crop Projections.

Of course it's not all over yet. "However, by Friday September 6th, hotter weather is expected to resume, when a ridge of high pressure strengthens in the Great Plains and expands east into the Midwest," they add.

Who knows what tomorrow, or even tonight, will bring?