A Quick Resumé

02/01/14 -- For those of you who have pretty much lost most of the past fortnight in an daze, and regard Friday Dec 20th as pretty much the last proper working day that your poor alcohol soaked brain can recall, then the following resumé might help. These changes are all basis the front month closes, last night versus Dec 20.

London wheat, down GBP0.95; Paris wheat down EUR1.75; Paris corn down EUR1.50; Paris rapeseed  down EUR2.00; Chicago soybeans down 17 3/4 cents; Chicago soymeal down $8.40; Chicago soyoil down 71 points; Chicago corn down 14 cents; Chicago wheat down 8 1/4 cents; Minneapolis wheat down 15 3/4 cents.

Meanwhile the pound was up from 1.6337 to 1.6478 versus the US dollar and up from 1.1947 to 1.1985 against the euro.

It's great to be back in work isn't it? I for one was not perturbed in the slightest to return to the fold leaving poor old MrsN#3 to "enjoy" her extra few days off, hoovering, washing, ironing and taking the Christmas tree down. Why on earth can't they wait to put the fucker up, only to look forward to packing the bleeding thing away again a few weeks later? Why not simply leave the bugger in it's box in the loft and save all the hassle? Or better still burn it?

And wasn't the telly a load of shite again this year? We struggled to find anything worth watching, and finished up sitting though Thelma & Louise on one of the film channels last night. And I thought isn't it odd to spend an entire film challenging sexist stereotypes and then have the two leading protagonists die at the end because of their rubbish driving?

MrsN#1 was a very poor driver, even by female standards. One frosty morning she said to me "I'm just off outside to scrape the car before I go to work." My reply of "against what?" didn't go down terribly well. Still, give her her due, she had the ability to light up a room wherever she went. All she had to do was move away from the window. Ah, happy days....