Almost half of organic produce on sale in British supermarkets is imported

The UK has one of the largest organic markets in the world accounting for more than 10 per cent of the overall global market. Yet almost half of all organic produce sold in British supermarkets is imported, according to the NFU’s Farming Outlook.

Hmmmm - I smell a rat here. How do we actually know that the stuff our foreign suppliers are sending us actually IS organic? Or are we blindly paying inflated prices for products that are likely inferior to intensively farmed stuff at home, simply because our foreign suppliers have a more "relaxed" approach to their organic criteria? Si - is organic I promise, the er how you say, paperwork, si the paperwork is in the post, I make special price for you my friend.

Maybe the asylum-seekers & illegal immigrants write the paperwork out & label the stuff up on their way over here?

Time to get the "I'm stupid, kick me" t-shirts out again.