The Argy Bargy Rumour Mill

Various reports have been circulating over the last few days relating to the ongoing Argentine dispute.

With only a couple of days to the end of truce deadline on May 2, conciliatory statements from both sides and a new minister seem to forecast a more positive scenario for the talks which so far have proved frustrating and non conductive for the farmers.

Both parties apparently met last night at an undisclosed location, but as yet no news is forthcoming on the outcome of that meeting. Yet, ideas that some sort of compromise might be reached are gathering strength.

The government will be keen not to be seen to capitulate on this issue, yet may have paved the way for a partial climb-down with the dismissal last week of the Economy Minister Martin Lousteau. He is accredited by many farmers as being the mastermind behind the sliding tax scale they oppose.

He could be the fall guy the government need to save losing face over this issue.

There are also stories circulating that many farmers, nearing the end of the soybean harvest, may be suffering storage & cash-flow problems that an all-out strike will do little to alleviate.

It may be that some are in a less militant mood for now, at least until some beans have been sold & delivered to the ports.