Dairy Crest moves half a penny from June

Farmers Guardian--DAIRY Crest producers on standard liquid contracts, including those supplying Sainsbury, will get an additional 0.5ppl from June 1.

Those on the organic contract will receive an additional 1ppl. The increases follow on the heels of the higher milk-for-cheese prices announced last month.

Milk purchasing director Arthur Reeves said: “We are again having to ask all our customers to pay more. To continually increase prices, as we have been doing for over a year now, is a real challenge.

"However, our broadly–based business helps us meet that challenge.”

He said the company was continuing to drive efficiencies to minimise the effect of upward price pressures on consumers.

DCD chairman David Herdman considered the latest increase to be: “A fair result, taking into account the cost pressures we are both facing. But there is still a need for further increases as we move through the year.”