Gordon Brown - about as popular as piles

In a hilarious move, supposedly designed to ease the pressure on just about every sector of the market by containing oil prices, the Government yesterday announced the go-ahead for two new oilfields, West Don and Don South West, which together would bring an extra 50,000 barrels per day ashore when the oil begins flowing next year.

To further attempt to boost output Gordon Frown announced a tinkering with petroleum tax revenue that would help carve out new oil and gasfields from existing fields, ensuring that the new developments would not be affected by the old tax. The changes to the PRT regime would enable the investment that could add 20,000 barrels per day, the Department of Business said.

Wooohoooo! 70,000 barrels a day more that's going to make a massive difference isn't it?

Erm, how much do we produce per day I hear you say. Don't bother Googling for it I've done it already, 2.8 MILLION barrels per day. Don't bother getting the calculator out either, thats a WHOPPING 2.5% increase we are looking at.

That's one in the eye for OPEC. Go Gordon, Go Gordon. Yes, GO GORDON.