OSR growth seen coming from Eastern Europe

Farmer's Guardian--WHILE experts at Syngenta do not expect the acreage of oilseed rape grown in western Europe to increase in the next five years, they predict some growth in eastern European countries.

In Europe, 6.5 million hectares of rapeseed is grown, accounting for 35 per cent of the world’s production.

Grzegorz Szreder, Syngenta’s rapeseed product manager for Europe, said: “The market will remain stable in western Europe in terms of acreage, and the main growth will come from come from newer EU members in the east such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.”

He expected the area of OSR grown in these east European countries to grow by one million hectares between 2008 and 2013 with much of this growth coming from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia.

The main drivers for growth will be the commodity price, growing demand for rapeseed, increased focus on biofuels and increases in yields.

Mr Szreder said that, in some of these countries, oilseed rape had replaced the more traditional crop of sugar beet.