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Its Ascension Day, which means that large chunks of the continent including France & Germany are closed today. With our May Day holiday lined up for Monday it seems unlikely that there is going to be much business going on until Tuesday next week when the market settles down again. LIFFE wheat has opened with July down 95p to £162.05, there will be no trades on French milling wheat, rapeseed and corn today.

The rapemeal market continues to drift lower as crushers and shippers alike remain aggressive sellers and buyers are cautious, concerned that May 1st compound feed price hikes will see sales plummet. There is still some front-end premium to be had, if there is any buying interest around that's where it is. June onwards however is friendless.

West coast rape crush estimate sales currently 50% for summer 30% for winter. East Coast rape crush estimate sales currently 40% for summer 15% for winter.

Erith quotes today: 1st/2nd May fixings £172 traded yesterday; May unfixed 170; Jun/Jul £163; Aug/Oct £148; and Nov08/Apr09 at £155.

Feed wheat and barley offers are suddenly appearing on the domestic market from die-hard long-holders guilty of over egging the pudding, conscious of the still big price difference between old and new crop. Subsequently some compounders are emerging as resellers of cereal substitutes like tapioca, maize and wheatfeed bought long-ago when wheat futures were topping £200/tonne.

The wheatfeed trade has largely degenerated into a stand-off recently with millers holding out for higher prices and consumers backing away. A Corby mill finally became the first miller to break ranks (no pun intended) and capitulate on Tuesday selling May/Sep ex Corby at £122.00 with uncorroborated rumours of further "under the counter" deals being concluded.

Spot Liverpool soya hulls reported traded yesterday at £140. Spot/May Liverpool PKs have been trading recently at £136, and spot Liverpool citrus pellets reported done £144. Also got resale May/Jul Humber tapioca & Braz maize £POA.

Full IP hipro soya very limited quantities available around £330.00 spot ex Humber.

Suns 32% Argy small quantity available ex Liv around £187.00

Looking for spot maize distillers grains on resale Liverpool or Avon if anybody has any to sell.