UK trades/markets

UK compounders are reporting a (not entirely unexpected) sharp downturn in sales so far this month, with one yesterday telling me that first week May volume was almost two-thirds down on last week April.

This scenario appears pretty much the norm across the whole of the industry. Although compounders generally appear to have only fairly light coverage across the summer period, this light coverage may in fact unfortunately go much further to fulfilling their requirements than they may have hoped.

Other comments around this week such as "every second call is from a haulier looking for work" and "we haven't traded yet this week," are hardly filling the trade with enthusiasm.

Well, that last comment didn't come from me. I did trade yesterday. Spot wheatfeed meal DELIVERED at £110. OK, it was for a load that was already onboard a lorry but that was the best bid I could get.

Nearby wheatfeed pellet offers are still around the £120 mark with availability problems at Icklingham adding some support. What's going to happen once those floodgates re-open is anybodys guess. June/Sep last reported traded at £118 for SE mills, now widely offered at the price against best valuations with me of £115. Meal ex Midlands is offered at £115.

There's resale offers around on rapemeal £POA depending on location/position. Liverpool, Humber, Erith, Munich, everybody talk about pop music.

Not much in the way of resale on soya, although may have some IP hi-pro available in the north and any origin hi-pro in the south, again £POA.

Citrus, Soya Hulls, 32% Suns ex Liverpool, show me the interest.