UK trades/markets

As grain prices continue to slide the wheatfeed market keeps on going with it with plenty of nearby material swilling around in the market. Prices are all over the place, with all sorts of money reported as trading depending on whether the person actually doing the reporting is a buyer or a seller! Pick a number anywhere between £100 and £130, add on your birthdate, subtract the number of your house and divide by how many kids you've got.

Spot corn gluten feed pellets reported traded yesterday at £164 ex Liverpool and spot PK's done at £129. Also offered spot citrus pulp pellets ex Liverpool, looking for interest.

Resale offers kicking around on hipro soya Humber & South Coast £POA.

The rapemeal market is drifting easier again, aided no doubt by the fact that seed futures are down EUR8-10 today following crude oil's decline.

£100 here we come

"Is that a buyer over there?"