US planting progress mixed

The USDA planting progress report released after the close tonight will make interesting reading.

Meanwhile here's a cross-section of what some farmers are saying their progress is like:

5/10 - Northwest Illinois, Lee County: Finished planting tonight. Lots of corn has gone in the ground the past week. In my immediate area, about 75% corn planted. Fairly good planting conditions. A few wet spots, planted around one, but not bad for all the rain we got. Tiling pays.

5/10 - Southern Piedmont, North Carolina: Wheat looks as good as I have ever seen and corn stands are perfect over the entire county. Starting to plant soybeans now with conditions being excellent. Nice cool mornings around 60°, getting to 80° in the afternoons with soil moisture excellent at this time.

5/10 - Northeast North Dakota: Planting has been going on last 10 days for spring wheat in our area. Awoke this morning to complete white snow cover which will probably delay planting several days. Has been cold spring here with freezing temperatures everymorning and ground remains very cold. By the date it should be planting season, but by the way season looks, very early and very little growing. The grass even hardly greened up and most trees have few buds on them. Going to be interesting year if stays cold like this for very long. I wonder what we should be planting, and is this a sign of early frost? Had a year like this couple years back and had an early frost.

5/10 - North Central Iowa, Winnebago County: Too wet to be planting but we’re planting anyway. Sidewall compaction will be a major problem. Hopefully the triplestack and the ¾ rate insecticide will be enough to keep the corn upright when the straight line winds come in July. Planted in the mud last night till 1 am. Got sick of picking mud of the drive wheels. We have never planted in such wet conditions before. Done for now and will wait for better weather hopefully by next weekend. 40% done planting corn. Hopefully the remaining 60% is goes in better.

5/10 - Northwest Missouri, Clinton County: We have 15 acres of corn planted. Just being patient. Last year we didn't really get started full blast until May 18th, so you could say we are ahead.

5/10 - Southeast Illinois, Jasper County: One-half corn planted in the area, but none for me. Most went in heavy to wet ground and is now soaked in soup after three plus inches of rain.

5/10 - West Central Ohio, Miami County: Most of the corn is in the ground. Most of the bean seed is still in the bag. We've had enough rain to keep us out of the field for awhile and by the sound of the forcast more rain is on the way. The hay is growing and the sheep are happy!! Life is good.

5/9 - East Central Missouri, Montgomery County: Only token fields planted from Columbia to Mississippi River. Those will be planted over because water has been and by forecasts will have water standing until May 17th! We and all our neighbors haven't even gotten close to starting! We burned up last year. I guess the good Lord is about 10 months behind on answering prayers because we're getting rain we prayed for now!

5/9 - North Central Nebraska, Valley County: The last 10 days have been ideal for planting around here. Just a few half day or 1 day rain delays. 50% to 70% of the corn planted here, which is right on schedule for this area. Some acres of soybeans planted. Currently on rain delay through Central Nebraska, could last a couple more days as rain is forecast.

5/9 - Northeast Kansas, Brown County - Continue to recieve showers, probably 70% corn planted. Half of that can be rowed. Soybean planting just begining, no more than 15%. Friday night rain (1") will keep planters still until early next week.