Spanish millers head queue for trebled UK wheat exports

The Public Ledger -- SPANISH millers are at the front of the queue for specific soft milling wheat varieties from the UK, which shrank last year due to the poor harvest – but which are expected to triple to 3m tonnes this year.

The need for continued imports of UK soft milling wheat varieties, which mostly fall within the nabim Group 3 category, was reiterated by Spanish millers last week.

A delegation from Home Grown Cereals Authority's (HGCA's) British Cereal Exports visited flour millers in Valencia and Barcelona to discuss the prospects for UK wheat exports following the 2008 harvest.

"A large UK crop is forecast," said George Forbes, chairman of British Cereal Exports, "and the export availability could amount to over 3m tonnes in comparison to just over 1m tonnes exported this season."

Mr Forbes said "Some very promising, high-yielding, new Group 3 varieties are coming on to the market, which will be attractive to UK growers, and also very suitable for the export markets. The good news is that Spanish millers want and need UK soft milling varieties, and continue to offer a great marketing opportunity for the UK wheat sector."