UK: Bakery Group Lyndale Foods Goes into Administration

Lyndale Foods, a Sale-based company which specialises in the manufacturing and sale of various sweet and savoury bakery products, was put into administration last week, local media report.

The group owns three businesses, Hampsons, Peter Hunt's and Sayers, which together supply products to retailers, food services and wholesalers nationwide, as well as to the group’s own retail network of over 200 stores spread out across the North West of England.

The group also operates three factories, one each in Bolton (Hampsons), Liverpool (Sayers) and Kearsley (Peter Hunt's). The Hampsons and Sayers plants manufacture breads, savouries, sanwiches, cakes and pastries for sale in the group's outlets, whilst the Peter Hunt's factory supplies various retailers with savoury pies and pastries.

Both the Hampsons and Sayers businesses have been acquired by buyout management teams but administrators are still looking for a buyer for Peter Hunt's. “We are in negotiations with a couple of parties,” Dermot Power, administrator with BDO Stoy Hayward, said. "It went out to market a few weeks ago and, although buyers have looked at it, they may have been waiting for our appointment.”

The buyouts secured the jobs of 230 workers at Hampsons’s Bolton bakery but Sayers’s Liverpool factory and around 40 Hampsons stores will close with a combined loss of 450 jobs.

An additional 180 jobs are under threat at the Peter Hunt's Kearsley bakery, near Bolton. The factory was closed on Wednesday and it was unclear when it would re-open.

The difficulties which the group had been experiencing for a few years were made worse by a recent surge in raw material and oil prices, Sayers chairman Mr Birnie was reported as saying. “The situation was simply unsustainable and we have had to act now in order to protect the long term futures and job security for the remaining 1,500 employees around the North-west."