UK food rationing is back

The first apparent case of rice rationing has hit the UK this week after supermarket chain Netto imposed a “restriction” on the amount of rice customers can buy after its suppliers said they were experiencing shortages.

The Danish-owned low-cost chain said its customers were now only allowed to buy one 10kg bag of basmati rice per person in each of its 184 stores across the UK. A Netto spokesman said: “The 10-kilogram bags are a very good price and people are perhaps selling them on. Rationing is a strong term - we prefer to use the term restricting. Our suppliers are experiencing some difficulty at the moment."

I reckon this a cunning ploy by Gordon Frown to get us all to pull together in a bit of wartime type camaraderie to deflect away from his leadership inadequacies.

Shall I do the Tears on my Pilau joke again? Brothers in Naans? Dansak on the Ceiling? Poppadum Preach? Bhuna Round The World But I Can't Find My Bhaji? She Drives Me Jalfreizi?