USDA Weekly Export Sales Report Expectations

The USDA issue it's usual weekly export sales report at 13.30BST today. here's a note of what is expected:

Corn 300/800,000MT

Wheat 300/550,000MT

Soybeans (old crop) -350/+150,000MT

Soybeans (new crop) 2,240/2,500,000MT

Soymeal 75/175,000MT

Soyoil 0-10,000MT

* At first glance the soybeans new-crop figure seems amazingly high, I thought it could be a misprint, but on checking it out it is indeed correct. They are anticipating an unusually high figure due to some previously unreported sales "lost" in the daily reporting system all coming through in this report. It sounds to me a bit like the girl in soybean accounts has left & they've prised open her drawer only to discover a load of export sales sheets that she hasn't put on the computer! So Doris, the reliable one, has busily been entering these up all week. Good old Doris.