Petrol prices: stop whinging you Septics*

I filled the car up at the weekend as we were going away to the coast for a few days. It's a not particularly large Peugeot 206 diesel. Times are hard, with all this free blogging I do etc, etc.

It was over sixty quid to fill the thing, certainly the dearest fill-up I've ever done. With consumers in the US baulking at the price of "gas" over there topping $4/gallon I did a quick Google and £1.32/litre for diesel here is equivalent to a fiver a US gallon, or in round figures $10. More than double what the Septics* are whinging about!

In the US taxes account for around 19 percent of the price of fuel at the pumps, over here its 81.5 percent!

Meanwhile in oil-rich Venezuela, petrol is cheaper than milk at 12c/gallon and you can fill up a truck for the price of a Big Mac. Add to that Caracas reputedly has the highest women:men ratio in the world. Where did I put my passport?

*Septic = Septic tank = Wooden plank = Yank

Tom Hanks plural, Americans