Ukraine Harvests 6.478 Million Tons Of Grain To July 11

The harvest in Ukrain is progressing well with 6.478mmt cut as of July 11th according the the Ag Ministry there.

Although harvest pace is a little behind 2007 (when heat reduced the crop but afforded for an early start to proceedings), yields continue to impress.

Last year Ukraine harvested 7.2 million tons of grain to July 11 on 3.9
million hectares with the average yield of 1.84 tons a hectare.

This year's 6.478mmt has come from just 2.216 million hectares, with an average yield of 3.08 tons a hectare.

The official government estimate for this season's grain crop is 40mmt, of which approximately half is wheat. Other private estimates peg total grain output higher at around 43.5mmt, with wheat accounting for approximately 22mmt.

If yields continue to come in 50% up on 2007 then the crop could be even bigger than that. Last season's output was 29.3mmt.

Exactly where all this grain is going to go is another question. The country reputedly only has commercial storage facilities for around 27mmt, and is said to be still carrying around 7mmt of grain & oilseeds from 2007's crop.

Its not surprising therefore that they are mopping up much of the world export business at the moment, a trend which looks set to continue awhile yet.