Pilgrims Pride To Idle Another Facility

Just days after announcing the closure of two facilities in Clinton, Arkansas and in Bossier City, Louisiana, Pligrims Pride has announced the closure of another facility in Atkins, Arkansas.

The plant will close in 60 days, leaving workers without a job and many poultry farmers in dire straits.

Rodney Wyllia, a poultry farmer near Atkins, found out on 11 August that his contract with Pilgrim's Pride would soon end.

He said, "I was devastated because this is my main source of income for my family. It was just devastating to us. I was physically ill, literally. I just thought I was going to pass out. Once these chickens are shipped out in about four weeks this chicken farm will basically be out of business."

His wife, Amanda explained, "You get loans on your chicken houses to build them. We owe probably $400,000 at least on the chicken houses so if there is no chicken to supply them we have no income to pay that payment or live off of so it's very scary."

Pilgrim's Pride expects to close its facility in Atkins indefinitely around 10 October. The corporation says the decision comes as a result of soaring feed costs and an over-supply of chicken on the market.

Production may be resumed at some time in the future if market conditions improve the company stated.