Ukraine Wrapping Up Harvest And Replanting

As of September 29, Ukraine harvested 0.7 mln tonnes of maize throughout 178,000 ha or 7% of planted area according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

Further Ukrainian farmers harvested 1.62 mln tonnes of sunseed throughout 1.13 mln ha with an average yield of 14.3 c/ha.

Farmers also harvested 236,000 tonnes of buckwheat throughout 220,000 ha and 213,700 tonnes of millet throughout 123,000 ha, 11,500 tonnes of rice throughout 2,000 ha, 87,500 tonnes of soybean throughout 61,300 ha.

Meanwhile Ukraine continues its winter grain sowing campaign. As of September 29, the country had sowed 2.26 mln ha with winter grains (30% of the planned territory), including 2 mln ha of winter wheat (32% of planned area).

According to the Ministry, also farmers sowed 1.13 mln ha with winter rapeseed (88% of planned area).