Wiseman To Increase Milk Price

One of Britain’s biggest milk suppliers said yesterday that it was putting up its prices.

Robert Wiseman, which supplies milk to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, would not reveal the scale of the increase, but said it was necessary to combat rising oil, utility and packaging costs and falling bulk cream prices. The company said it also intends to pay farmers more for raw milk supplies.

The company supplies the milk for Tesco’s Fresh’n’Low milk, which had its price reduced from £1.44 to £1.06 last month, sparking a price war between the leading supermarkets. After Tesco’s announcement, Asda and Sainsbury’s cut the price of a two-litre bottle of milk to 99p, and Asda slashed the price of a two-pint bottle from 80p to 50p.

I don't see the farmers getting much in the way of the "intended" price increase somehow.