USDA Explains Itself

The USDA included the following note with this morning's revised report: "In calculating crop acreage, NASS draws upon several data sources, including farmer reported surveys, satellite imagery, and acreage data reported by producers to the Farm Service Agency (FSA). After the October 10 Crop Production report was released, FSA analysts noted a discrepancy between the acreage numbers in the raw data on the FSA mainframe and the data provided to NASS. Using the definitive source data from the FSA mainframe database, NASS repeated its acreage estimation process for dry edible beans, canola, corn, sorghum, soybeans and sunflowers. As a result, this report was reissued on Oct. 28 to reflect corrected acreage and production estimates. All tables, charts and narratives affected by these corrections have been updated."