Your Money's Safe With Lloyds TSB

Crisis, what crisis? Lloyds TSB aren't aware of any problems judged on their extravagance at throwing a reputedly £2m private party recently at various venues across London.

According to the Sun (so it must be true), 1000 members of staff and their partners stayed in four of the capital's finest hotels and were treated with trips to Harrods and the London Eye.

They even hired aging pop quartet Duran Duran to play for them.

An organiser described the celebration as a “disgusting spectacle”. I'm not sure if he's referring to Simon Le Bon's performance, or the opulence and expense incurred.

“It’s the most extravagant corporate event I’ve ever seen,” said one. “There was little mention of the credit crunch as they filled their boots."

A Bit Of Bubbly

OK, the Currant Bun is probably exaggerating a bit here, but this sort of thing seems to summarise how out of touch with reality the management at these banks are.

And if Lloyds TSB have the money to buy HBOS what are they doing taking a handout from the government anyway?